Inmate Sues Over 55-Hour Erection

An ex-prisoner in New York is suing his former prison nurse for failing to treat his painful erection, which lasted for 55 hours before he was admitted to a hospital.

Ex-con Dawud Yaduallah says he became worried after his anti-psychotic medication left him erect for 14 hours. He checked into the prison infirmary, where, according to the lawsuit, nurse Judith Lovelace simply told him to put ice on his penis and sent him back to his cell.

Yaduallah says he suffered for two more days — long enough to cause permanent damage, but not long enough for his wife to plan a conjugal visit — before being taken to a hospital. His lawsuit claims that Lovelace’s negligence caused “severe damage to his penis, including erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate and pain during sexual intercourse.”

Even worse than the physical distress is the fact that other inmates won’t stop asking him, “Is that a shiv in your jumpsuit or are you just happy to see me?”


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