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Prisoners attack female officers

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Three female prison officers have been attacked by inmates in Maghaberry prison in County Antrim.

It happened during visiting time on Friday after staff spotted a visitor trying to smuggle a watch to a prisoner.

One of the prison officers suffered broken ribs, another a broken wrist and a third was left with a bruised face.

Finlay Spratt, chairman of the Prison Officers Association, said the attack was despicable.

“Those people should face the full vigour of the law,” he said.

“Their job is to stop contraband coming into the prisons and when they do it these visitors and prisoners don’t like being caught and that is what has happened here.”



DOC: Perryville Officer Committed Suicide

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PHOENIX — A Department of Corrections officer committed suicide at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville on Thursday night, according to a DOC spokesman.


Public information officer Bill Lameroux said the officer was on duty patrolling the facility’s perimeter when he apparently shot himself.


The DOC is not releasing the officer’s name because his next of kin have not been notified, Lameroux said

On May 20, a female inmate at Perryville died of exposure after she’d been left outside in a holding cell for several hours.


Guards are the worst prison-rapists

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The National Prison Rape Elimination Commission final report is grim reading, especially the finding that prisoners report more rape committed by guards than by other prisoners.
More than 7.3 million Americans are confined in U.S. correctional facilities or supervised in the community, at a cost of more than $68 billion annually. Given our country’s enormous investment in corrections, we should ensure that these environments are as safe and productive as they can be. Sexual abuse undermines those goals. It makes correctional environments more dangerous for staff as well as prisoners, consumes scarce resources, and undermines rehabilitation. It also carries the potential to devastate the lives of victims. The many interrelated consequences of sexual abuse for individuals and society are difficult to pinpoint and nearly impossible to quantify, but they are powerfully captured in individual accounts of abuse and its impact. Continue reading

Prison officials halt releasing videotapes showing use of force by guards

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 TALLAHASSEE — The killing of Death Row inmate Frank Valdez by prison guards a decade ago caused state corrections officials to use video cameras to record when officers get forceful with inmates.
For years, Department of Corrections officials handed over the tapes, sometimes grudgingly, to the public, media and lawyers

Not anymore.

Corrections officials now contend the videos, including those used to determine if guards’ actions against prisoners was appropriate, are exempt from the state’s broad public records laws. Continue reading

State sued over shackling inmate who was in labor

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Casandra Brawley’s contractions were coming every five minutes, and she’d been leaking amniotic fluid for days. Labor was imminent. Time to go to the hospital.

But as a prison inmate, Brawley still had to wear a “waist chain” with her wrists shackled to her sides on the ride to the hospital. She said she was shackled to her hospital bed, even after getting an epidural.

And as soon as she had an emergency cesarean section, she said, she was shackled again for a three-day bed rest.

On Thursday, a public-interest law firm in Continue reading

Prison officer ‘disciplined’ for protesting faulty van

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A serving prison officer in Queensland says he was disciplined and investigated for refusing to transport prisoners during soaring summer temperatures, in a van that did not have an operating air conditioner.

Hans Anderson says he refused to continue to drive the vehicle after the men in the back suffered heat stroke and one prisoner fell unconscious.

Mr Anderson has been driving prison vans for the Queensland Department of Corrective Services for almost a decade.

He says the shocking situation of a man dying from heat stroke while being transported in a prison van is not just a problem in Western Australia.

There have been close calls in Queensland as well. Continue reading

Mo. inmate who used cardboard toilet paper holder to escape recaptured

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Columbia police have captured an inmate who allegedly escaped from the Howard County jail using a cardboard toilet paper holder. Curtis Jones of New Franklin was captured Wednesday afternoon.


Columbia police officers, who were responding to a tip, went to where Jones was believed to be located, but he had fled on foot. Jones was spotted a short time later and taken into custody.


Jones had escaped early Monday. Authorities allege he used the folded cardboard to jam a door lock to his cell and fled when a jailer went to another area in the building.


Jones was detained on a theft charge on suspicion of stealing anhydrous ammonia, a chemical used to manufacture methamphetamine.


He previously escaped in 1996 from the county’s old jail in Fayette by climbing through a hole in the ceiling.