Sick Inmate Beaten to Death by Guard~USDC Denies Justice to Neals

ANOTHER MENTALLY ILL MAN has lost his life to prisoner abuse.  This time the inmate was incarcerated in Fulton County, Georgia.  Three prison guards beat the “loud, agitated” inmate beyond recovery last March, but only one was fired and recently arrested according to a report by The Atlanta Journal Constitution published March 21, 2009 (see excerpts below).  This writer started reporting such accounts after the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, her mentally ill brother who died in 2003 under secret arrest in the Memphis/ Shelby County Jail and his death was followed by an elaborate cover-up invovling numerous government entities and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm.  See a full account at this link:

Mentally Ill Patient’s Secret Incarceration and Wrongful Death Cover-up .       

United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Judge Timothy Batten presiding, issued The Cochran Firm summary judgment in the matter of Neals v. TheCochran Firm, dismissing the law firm’s fraud against the Neal family.  The Neals’ lawsuit accused The Cochran Firm of pretending to represent Larry’s survivors while merely holding their lawsuits against the Memphis/Shelby County Jail and others inactive for the Tennessee statute of limitations to run.  In fact, the managing partner of the Memphis office of The Cochran Firm was himself a Shelby County Commissioner, and the Shelby County Commission owns and operates the jail where Larry died.  (See

NOTE:  A mini article will be accessible at each of the six (6) photos accompanying this article.  Click on a photo to select it, then elect to enlarge the photo.Not only was The Cochran Firm allowed to defraud the Neals and enter perjury in federal court without censure (irrefutable proof of perjury was also submitted – redacted documents), but The Cochran Firm continues to defraud everyone with its advertising, which the law office in Atlanta itself called false in Georgia Superior Court in 2005 and 2006, when the law office claimed to be no part of The Cochran Firm and disclaimed any affiliation with Cochran Firm offices. See below a YouTube VIDEO by The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office, published February 17, 2009.  (Reincarnation is not limited to India.)
Now Larry’s family must decide which of these is best to do:
1) file an appeal on this unrighteous ruling;
2) file suit against the so-called Cochran Firm Atlanta office for lying in court in our Georgia Superior Court case – disclaiming an identity it held out to the Neals and continuously holds out to the world.  This was done in order to claim the suit was not served to the right party because there’s no Cochran Firm office in Georgia;
3) file suit against The Cochran Firm and its protectors for collusion regarding the denial of Larry Neal’s civil rights under Code 42, Sec. 1983, and his family’s civil rights regarding due process of law; or



4) acknowledge we are too black and poor and Larry Neal was too handicapped to get justice in America, so ensure the public is warned and other sick citizens gain support by overcoming the censorship the Neals encounter through demonstrations, books, radio, and film.
U.S. Code does not allow attorneys to enter false testimony in court even for high legal fees, it does not allow parties to a legal action to enter perjury, and neither is it legal to intimidate plaintiffs and witnesses.  All of this was done, documented, and proved in our USDC case. 
The important thing about the Neals v. The Cochran Firm case is that it shows how far people will go to violate and ignore the rights of African Americans and handicapped persons. 
To secretly arrest a handicapped citizen, return him dead and deny explanations and official records to his family; allow corporations like Cox Enterprises, Inc. to ignore federal subpoenas to release advertising information for The Cochran Firm without censure; allow county jails to ignore federal subpoenas for release of records; take a fraud case and call it a malpractice case in order to justify summary judgment; ignore admissions by The Cochran Firm lawyer Angela Mason that she knew the color the vehicle that was following plaintiffs to intimidate plaintiffs or worse. ALL of these things were done in the case of Neals v. The Cochran Firm.  All of these actions were excused in federal court by Judge Timothy Batten, just as Judge Wendy Shoob of Georgia Superior Court issued an order denying the existence of a Cochran Firm office in Georgia in 2006 while it was the most famous and widely advertised law firm in the state.

“Laws in America are upheld only when they are used to hold poor whites and black or brown people accountable to the establishment.  They were never intended to work the other way round,” I was told by one attorney. 

We will update the website at  so visitors can see the new documentation in this tragic drama, just as visitors can already see documentation from the Georgia Superior Court case wherein The Cochran Firm’s Atlanta office denied its identity repeatedly to pretend the suit was served to them wrongly since they are not part of The Cochran Firm.  The USDC filings are accessible to all who open a free PACER account and use this link:


Who are these people who bought Johnnie Cochran’s name?  Was it done to trick disenfranchised people with its claims of being the firm for the “common man”?  Why is the media silent on this?  Oh, I forgot.  The media carries the false advertising that actually does the trickery.Other families we are concerned about are at this link:



*******************************************After Larry Neal died under yet undisclosed circumstances in the Memphis jail, a report was due to be made to the United States Justice Department according to terms of the jail’s Agreement with the U.S.A. following a federal lawsuit regarding prisoner abuse.  The USDOJ never received the mandatory report on Larry Neal’s death from Shelby County Jail, probably because The Cochran Firm’s Memphis office with Commissioner Bolton as lead counsel could be counted on to keep the Neal family’s legal action against the jail contained, meanwhile writing Larry Neal’s family lying letters about work that was not actually being done in their lawsuits.  The USDOJ refuses to investigate.


Since Larry’s death in 2003, another three federal lawsuits were filed alleging the abuse and deaths of mentally ill citizens at the hands of Memphis law enforcement, and Duranna Johnson, a transgender person, was beaten in the jail’s booking area last February, and the film was widely published.  Many people regard transgender persons as being “deranged”; therefore, she apparently qualified for the abuse that mental patients get.  Before Duanna Johnson’s lawsuit was filed, she was killed by an unknown assassin on November 9.  Ironically, former-Commissioner Julian Bolton also worked in the office of the law firm Ms. Johnson had contracted with to represent her against Shelby County Jail.

Unfortunately, the murders and abuse of mentally challenged Americans warehoused in the nation’s correctional institutions are not rare. Too many veterans voluntarily answered this nation’s call for service, then come home with the scars of battle not on their bodies, but in their minds. Thousands of veterans from Viet Nam, Middle Eastern conflicts, and other battlefields returned to America suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and became POWs in this nation’s prisons. Thousands of citizens never saw a battlefield, yet they also suffer PTSD from the stresses of their daily existence. Many mentally challenged people self-medicate with drugs and alcohol in a poor attempt to “get their heads together” and wind up homeless and eventually in prison. Several recent news reports document children with Autism being arrested and/or Tasered in their schools, and one child was only six-years-old.  Prison is not the answer to mental illness, and people cannot be punished into a state of good mental health.  Assisted outpatient Treatment programs provide a viable solution with an 87% success rate and the potential to relieve prison overcrowding, delete the need for private prisons by removing mental patients from being treated as inmates to becoming inpatients or outpatients, depending on their offenses.  (Google “Kendra’s Law” and “Laura’s Law” for more information.)

Another mentally ill man has been beaten to death by jailers at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia for being “loud and agitated” in March 2008.  Jail employees are accused of lying to cover up abuses and hinder a federal probe. 

An excerpt from a news report and a link for access to the full article are below. 


Fired guard accused of two beatings is arrested; prosecutor vows to get answers in investigation.
 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Saturday, March 21, 2009

Federal authorities arrested a former Fulton County jailer Friday and disclosed an ongoing FBI investigation of excessive force and cover-ups that were hatched afterward at the long-troubled county jail.(Use the link to access the full article.)

Former jailer Curtis Jerome Brown Jr., 41, of Lithonia, faces federal charges of civil rights violations, obstruction and making false statements.

In August 2007, Brown beat an inmate whose hands were handcuffed behind his back, leaving him bloodied and in need of medical attention, federal prosecutors said Friday. This prompted an internal affairs investigation of Brown.

Seven months later, Brown was still on the job. Then, he beat a mentally ill inmate who later died, according to the criminal complaint unsealed Friday.

On March 18, 2008, Brown and two others beat a mentally ill inmate who was loud and agitated, the complaint said. The inmate was found unresponsive and not breathing on his cell floor. He died.

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias expressed frustration that jail officials have hindered the federal probe, which began about a year ago. “The people involved are not telling the truth,” he said. “We’re not going to stand for that anymore.” 



This writer supposes that the former guard was accused of beating inmates instead of killing the mentally ill man because:

1)  A murder charge would expose the jail to greater liability, and

2)  He was “only” a handicapped American like Larry Neal was.

No explanation was given as to why only one guard was held responsible and the guard apparently does not face murder charges. 

Mentally ill inmates often suffer abuse and numerous sick people die each year while imprisoned. These deaths result from cruelty by guards and other prisoners, neglect, or abusive living conditions. A Texas inmate complained to a prisoner activist group that his cellblock was close to and shared an air vent with the cellblock where mental patients were kept.  As a result, he experienced respiratory difficulty caused by inhaling the gas that was used regularly in the psychiatric cellblock to subdue mentally ill inmates.  Imagine what the air was like within the psychiatric cellblock. Police brutality is something no citizen should have to endure.  Unfortunately, many law officers are not equipped to deal with mental illness.  Law officers and guards usually perceive disruptive, uncooperative behavior from mentally challenged inmates as being an affront to their authority. Therefore, mentally ill inmates often suffer abuse, including beatings, tasering, gassing, and solitary confinement.  It is unfortunate that abuse and murders of mentally ill citizens (particularly African Americans) are frequently allowed within the U.S. “justice” system, and objections are apparently overcome by any means necessary.****************************************** 

Homelessness, prison, and death must cease being America’s answer to mental illness.  The right to “open disclosure” and “equal justice” should be realized by all, or officials should just retire those cute phrases.  “Liberty and justice for all” should either be deleted from our Pledge of Allegiance or actually honored. Stop lying to school children.



Human rights organizations expressed dismay that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not address human rights abuses strengently during her recent trip to China.  I think she acted appropriately, given the circumstances of civil liberties in the U.S.A., especially regarding certain citizens.

Mary Neal


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