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Closing prisons could save $30 million in the proposed budget

Posted in Articles on March 31, 2009 by cosgoingwrong

The state Senate would close two of the state’s oldest prisons to save money.

McNeil Island Correctional Complex, which began as a federal prison in 1875, and Green Hill School, a juvenile lockup that first opened in 1896, are among the largest facility closures included in the Senate budget released by the Democratic majority Monday. Continue reading


Coroner slams corrections officers actions in suicide case

Posted in Articles on March 31, 2009 by cosgoingwrong

An ACT Coroner has found the behaviour of corrections officers at the Magistrates Court last year contributed to the death of a mentally ill prisoner.

Coroner Grant Lalor has released his findings on the death of psychologist Tania Lioulios who attempted suicide last year while being transported from the courts in a prison van.

Mrs Lioulios was identified as a prisoner at risk when she appeared before a Magistrate last year.

She had already attempted suicide less than 24 hours earlier and told police she would kill herself.

Despite her mental state Mrs Lioulios was held in the cells for four and a half hours, in which time time she repeatedly bashed her head against the wall and tried to kill herself.

Coroner Lalor found that Corrections Officers should have been aware of the prisoner’s mental condition.


USA: Conditions must be improved at Tamms Correctional Center in Illinois

Posted in Articles on March 28, 2009 by cosgoingwrong

Amnesty International is calling for measures to improve conditions at Tamms Correctional Center, Illinois — the state’s only super-maximum security facility — stating that the harsh conditions of isolation endured by many prisoners for years on end appear to be unnecessarily punitive and may breach international standards for humane treatment. Continue reading

Jail officers settle suit, return to work

Posted in Articles on March 27, 2009 by cosgoingwrong

Four Camden County corrections officers who sued the county freeholder board have ended their litigation in a confidential, out-of-court settlement and returned to their former jobs.

The officers were fired from the county jail in March 2008 after the county said they violated a residency requirement — a mandate that all county government workers live in Camden County. Officers Chris Davis, David Smith, and Adrian and Monica Cooley lived in Gloucester County. Continue reading

Leaked report reveals rise in prison assaults

Posted in Articles on March 27, 2009 by cosgoingwrong

Prisoners are most likely to attack their guards on Monday mornings, typically by punching them in the head. If they use a weapon, it is most commonly hot water, tea, or urine, thrown in the guard’s face.

Prisoners have also used food trays, chairs, pool balls and wood to attack guards, but rarely use knives, according to an internal Corrections Department report leaked to the Sunday Star-Times. Continue reading

Prison Slang 102: More Lessons on the Inmate Lexicon

Posted in Articles on March 25, 2009 by cosgoingwrong

After working within the AZ State Prison system, and having being exposed to several new and strange expressions in this way, I decided to compile some interesting terms and phrases for you. In the last installment of Prison Slang, I covered basic terms for over a dozen different words, including places within the prison (G.P., P.C., etc.), various ways to describe people (Chomos, Cheetos, and lames), and many other examples of common prison verbiage.

Here, we will examine twenty more words and sayings commonly used inside the prisons of the Southwest, however not typically encountered “on the streets”. In fact, let’s start exactly there… Continue reading

Grafton prison officers walk off job over privitisation fears

Posted in Articles on March 24, 2009 by cosgoingwrong

PRISON officers at Grafton jail in northern NSW have walked off the job over fears the correctional centre may be privatised.

About 150 workers at a rally in central Grafton are calling on Corrective Services Minister John Robertson to reassure officers it won’t be put in private hands.

The NSW government has announced plans to privatise the Hunter Valley’s Cessnock prison, and Parklea jail in Sydney, but the Public Service Association (PSA) said indications were that Grafton would be next.

The PSA said Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham admitted as much at a parliamentary inquiry into the privatisation of prisons last Month.

Asked if Grafton could be privatised, Mr Woodham told that inquiry that: “Grafton could be, in the future”.

PSA general secretary Steve Turner said those comments had caused alarm for prison officers in Grafton and the local community.

“The Grafton community is understandably angry that the commissioner has revealed plans to hand over the prison to private companies to run for a profit,” Mr Turner said.

“Today’s rally will send a clear message to the government that Grafton doesn’t want a private prison.”

Along with prison officers, local nurses, police officers and other community groups will take part in the rally.