Layoffs at WA Department of Corrections

OLYMPIA, Wash– With the economic downturn, Governor Gregoire has had to make some budget cuts. Some of those cuts include the Department of Corrections.

On Friday the D.O.C. confirmed they will be making some layoffs. KNDU talked to the Deputy Director of the Department. He says besides budget cuts they did a case load forecast.  They found that the number of offenders is going down. Now that means less offenders will be filling beds in Washington State Prisons.
On January 14th the D.O.C. will be meeting with the Teamsters Union to talk about program cut backs and lay offs. They hope the reduction process will be completed in February or March.

“I hope they hang in there and in the long run the D.O.C. is a great place to work. It’s just that right now today I mean the economy and downturn in the forecast is resulting in unit closures that there’s just know way for us to avoid it,” said Dan Pacholke, Deputy Director of the D.O.C.
The D.O.C wants to close unit five and either unit one or unit four at the Washington State Penitentiary and temporarily close one unit at the camp at Coyote Ridge. Also all pay raises are being frozen until further notice



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