Baker County Corrections Officer Back at Work after Inmate Attack


SANDERSON, FL — Florida Department of Corrections officials say a female Corrections Officer is back at work after being attacked by an inmate.

DOC Spokesperson Gretl Plessinger says the attack happened around four p.m. Monday, in the Baker Correctional Institution in Sanderson.

Plessinger says the Corrections Officer was supervising a dormitory when the man attacked her. A nearby guard walked in on the incident, and helped her get away.

While officials would not comment on specifics of the attack, they say they are looking into a possibility of sexual assault.

The DOC is still investigating the incident. Authorities say they do not believe the inmate used a weapon. They could not comment on if anyone else was in the room at the time of the attack.

The inmate’s name has not been released. We do know, however, that he had been serving 14 years for armed robbery. He has since been transferred to the State Prison in Raiford, as standard procedure.

Baker Correctional Instituition holds about 1,165 inmates.

Plessinger says there have been more than 250 reports of inmate attacks on guards over the last year. Those attacks range from spitting to physical assault.



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