Prisoners Giving Me a Good Laugh

Prison Reality Show
I know that people’s rights are violated everyday. We see it in the paper, online and the newspapers. Crimes against the basic rights are taken very seriously and are important to set straight in order to protect it from
happening to others. That being said, I think what I watched on television earlier tonight was darn near comical. I was watching a documentary about the realities of being a prisoner in a state prison.
The show was very informative. It shows the daily routines of prisoner’s in various prisons across the country and their individual stories of how they got there. Most of them are very straight-forward in admitting they committed a and that they need to pay for it. After watching three episodes of this series, I started getting sick and tired of hearing prisoners complain about how they are mistreated. Their gripes range from parole requests being denied to mistreatment from the guards. One particular prisoner really got me mad. He was serving 30 years for voluntary manslaughter and was about 20 years into it. Everytime he would apply for early release, and would be denied, he would throw a fit. He would go on rants about how prison staff has it in for him and that they are playing God with his life. He would consistently show staff disrespect by walking out of meetings and swearing at them. I have a few issues with this behavior.

First of all, you are acting like a child. The best way to be released early from prison is to show that you are responsible and are a mature adult. Going on borderline violent rants to the parole board is only going to raise “red flags.” Secondly, you are a prisoner! You committed a and I’m pretty sure that you knew it was illegal. You were made aware of right and wrong at a young age. When you go to prison, it is a punishment, not a day spa! The employees of the facility are only doing their job, they dont have it in for you. They have families and lives and are working for a paycheck, they really dont care about how you think your rights need to be addressed.

I have to stop because I am getting more and more angry. It just grinds my gears how prisoners feel like they are entitled to special and think they are allowed to make demannds

n. You dont have the right to do this, you are a prisoner. Shut up, do your time and keep your mouth shut. Nobody cares what you have to say, other than the comical side of how you make me laugh.



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