Idaho Inmates complain of extreme violence at prison

BOISE — An inmate is suing the managers of the state’s only private prison, contending that the high level of violence at the Idaho Correctional Institution amounts to cruel and unusual punishment — a complaint that has been echoed by other inmates in recent weeks and at least partly documented in reports from the Idaho Department of Corrections.

In the federal lawsuit Daniel Dixon contends that he and other inmates are being preyed upon by gangs and that correctional officers aren’t doing enough to help.

Dixon was sent to ICC in 2006 after he was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old girl. Word of Dixon’s charges spread throughout the prison, and he says he was severely beaten by five white supremacist gang members in 2007.

Dixon is asking for $1 million and better training for ICC guards.

Assistant Warden Dan Prado said the prison has “fights just like at the other facilities.” He declined to speak specifically about the lawsuit.

Documents from the Idaho Department of Correction obtained by The Associated Press last month show the prison had three times the number of offender-on-offender assaults compared to other Idaho prisons.

Gay Maulden, the mother of another inmate at ICC serving time on an assault charge, notified lawmakers statewide after her son has complained that gang members were routinely beating other inmates. She asked that his name not be used so he wouldn’t face reprisals.

Mark Savage also contacted lawmakers after his son, who was serving time on a drug charge, was beaten by gangs while at ICC because he befriended non-white inmates. After two beatings — and complaints from several family members made on his behalf — Savage’s son was transferred to the Idaho State Correctional Institution, Savage said.

A CCA spokesman could not be immediately reached by The Associated Press.



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