Prisoners’ drug use at all time low – Corrections

Prisoners’ drug use is at an all time low due to increased security and searching of visitors, the Department of Corrections says.

Service support manager Karen Unwin said the number of prisoners who tested positive for drugs in random testing was at an all time low of 13 per cent, down from 34 per cent in 1998.

“Over the last few years we have invested heavily to make it more difficult for offenders to access drugs and other contraband in prison,” she told Corrections News magazine.

The number of drug dogs working in prisons had doubled and cameras, closed circuit television, video motion detectors, microwave sensors and electronic barrier arms had been installed.

Ms Unwin said the department would like all prisoners to return negative tests but that had not been achieved anywhere in the world.

“Many prisoners have very serious drug addiction problems. Prisoners are constantly thinking of ever more inventive ways to get drugs into prison and we are always battling to keep one step ahead of them.”

Treating prisoners with drug addictions was also important, Ms Unwin said.

Drug treatment units have been established at six prisons.



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