Inmate had previous jail guard sex assault conviction

A prison inmate who was last night found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a female prison guard was also convicted of the sexual assault of another female guard in 1991.

An Auckland District Court jury found Paremoremo inmate Jeremy William Mataira, 48, guilty of assault with intent to commit sexual violation, kidnapping, assault and assault with a weapon in relation to an incident at Paremoremo prison on September 8, 2006.

Mataira sparked a tense three-hour standoff with police and prison authorities after he confronted the guard with a knife and then barricaded himself inside a storeroom with her.

He was convicted of sexual violation and attempting to rape another female prison officer in 1991.

The first incident occurred while Mataira was serving a seven-year sentence for rape when he attempted to rape a 40-year-old female prison officer who was on her own in the gymnasium at Paparua Prison, Christchurch.

In 2002 the Court of Appeal sentenced him to preventive detention for the attempted rape after a psychologist said there was a “high risk” Mataira would reoffend and he should be regarded as “dangerous”.

This week he admitted taking another guard hostage in 2006 but denied he intended harming her, saying he was just using her to protest against the length of his sentence.

The guard has permanent name suppression. Mataira said he “secreted” a knife between two towels and approached the guard, telling her he had a gift for her – but then pulled out the knife and shoved her through an open storeroom door.

Mataira claimed he chose the guard because he thought she had the most chance of surviving the ordeal, but the prosecution said she was targeted because Mataira had sexual fantasies about her.

Once she was trapped inside the terrified guard had her hands and feet bound and she was blindfolded. At one point she said Mataira started kissing and stroking her feet and legs.

While prison staff urged him not to harm the guard he moved furniture in front of the door to prevent anyone getting in and armed himself with a chisel.

Throughout the ordeal the guard tried to keep him talking and persuaded him not to gag her with tape because she told him she wouldn’t be able to breathe.

At one point the guard screamed and called to her colleagues “I’m going to die”, and asked them to tell her family she loved them.

When she saw what Mataira had written on a note she realised his intentions and she began screaming and tried to leap on to some shelves to get away.

Armed police stormed into the room, throwing stun grenades and using tear gas to disable Mataira who had pulled the guard down in a choke hold.

Mataira was remanded in custody until callover in the High Court on October 8.



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