Crowded jail conditions make being a corrections officer a dangerous job


Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) – The Metro Corrections jail in downtown Louisville is 100 people over capacity.


The crowded conditions just add to the chance of flare-ups by inmates and that makes being a corrections officer a dangerous job.

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 At metro corrections the 2,000 inmates outnumber the officers by five-to-one and when some inmates get unruly and won’t stop, it gets dangerous. 

Today metro corrections SORT unit—short for Special Operations Response Team—is training how to cope with those inmates who don’t follow the rules.


Correctional officer Ronnie Stoner played the role of villain today and since most inmates are in dorms holding 30 to 40 inmates, the force is even larger to subdue an incident or extract a troublesome inmate.


You’d think such trouble is occasional but jail officers say they have to do this more often than you think.

The special SORT team has been called in to bring women inmates under control too.

By the way, if the job interests you, right now there are 36 openings for new corrections officers.  Starting pay is just over $14 dollars an hour, plus benefits.



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