Multi million dollar jail still has no prisoners

A sixteen million dollar jail in Fayette County still has no prisoners.

Officials said because of inadequate water pressure and problems with the sewer, inmates haven’t been able to move in.

For the past six months, Fayette county has been flushing its money down the drain.

It’s spending thousands of dollars to keep prisoners in its old jail because the new jail still isn’t ready.

County leaders blame poor water pressure and problems with the pipes.

“As of today, we don’t have any pressure in here and we’re trying our best to work with both parties to make sure they can move in,” said Fayette County Mayor Rhea Taylor.

“No water pressure, we can’t move prisoners and here we are today in August and we’re still not able to move prisoners,” said Fayette County Sheriff Bobby Riles.

Fayette County officials said they are losing about a thousand dollars a day. They have lost about $180,000 in total in the six months that there weren’t any prisoners inside the jail.

In July, officials spent thousands busting up the floor of the new jail because sewer pipes were filled with concrete.

County leaders will likely have to spend more to help fix the problem with the water pressure.

“To put a pump in and the pump itself is going to be 7 to 10 thousand dollars and installation another 20 or so thousand,” Taylor said.

On top of money, the sheriff said it is also costing him needed manpower to transport prisoners from jail to jail.

“Did the contractor do what he was supposed to do? Did the engineer do what he was supposed to do? Did they work together?” said Riles.

Questions everyone in Fayette county hopes will be answered sometime soon.

The project engineer said his main focus is getting the problems solved and the prisoners moved in. He said litigation will determine who is at fault. Fayette County officials hope to move prisoners into the new jail by the first week of September.



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