Prison guard stabbed in face

A Paremoremo prison guard was hospitalised yesterday with serious injuries after being stabbed repeatedly by an inmate upset over being denied a phone call.

The Fijian-Indian officer, who is understood to be in his mid-40s, was set upon and stabbed in the face and chest with an aluminium shard by two inmates shortly after 10.30am.

The attack, which comes a fortnight after the vicious beating of a Rimutaka prison officer, is likely to spark renewed calls for guards to be armed with Tasers.

Yesterday’s attack took place in Paremoremo’s B block, a maximum and high to medium security area that houses some of the country’s most dangerous inmates, including convicted murderer Graeme Burton.

It is understood the guard was attacked after an inmate became extremely agitated when he was unable to make a telephone call.

According to an eyewitness, the man, aided by another inmate, grabbed the guard and stabbed him several times.

“There was total commotion, blood everywhere, all over the walls and floor. You wouldn’t have believed what a mess it was,” the witness said, adding that the guard was saved only by the quick intervention of two other guards. The guard was rushed to hospital and was last night believed to be in a serious but stable condition.

Corrections and police have launched separate inquiries into the incident and it is likely criminal charges will follow.

Another Paremoremo inmate spoken to after the attack said it had left guards at the prison “on edge”.

He said a worrying new culture of violence was beginning to show at Paremoremo and Corrections seemed powerless to stamp it out.

Corrections spokeswoman Jeanette Burns said it was taking the attack seriously.

“One assault is one too many. Unfortunately, custodial staff work in a volatile environment and they [attacks such as yesterday’s] do occur on occasion,” she said.

“Many prisoners have long histories of antisocial behaviour and react to situations of frustration or anger using violence with little warning.”



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