Disturbance forces lockdown of 60 inmates at New Brunswick prison

RENOUS, N.B. – Sixty inmates at a maximum-security prison in northeast New Brunswick were in lockdown Friday as the result of a disturbance that began Thursday night.

Natalie Arsenault, a spokeswoman with the Correctional Service of Canada, said the disturbance involved inmates in Unit 1 at the Atlantic Institution in Renous.

She said no one was injured during the disturbance that lasted seven hours.

“It started at approximately 10:30 p.m., when they refused to lock up,” she said.

Arsenault wouldn’t say what sparked the disturbance or if the inmates made any demands.

“It’s still under investigation,” she said. “There were some lights damaged and cell door windows … but they’re still assessing the damages.”

The prison’s incident response team was sent to the unit and all inmates were back in their cells by 5:30 a.m. Friday.

Officials said the lockdown was aimed at ensuring the safety of the public, staff and inmates.

The Atlantic Institution houses 230 inmates.

source: http://victoriastar.canadaeast.com/article/358676


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