State wants big NH prison guard lawsuit award overturned

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The attorney general’s office wants a judge to set aside the $2 million verdict awarded to two prison officers who sued co-workers for misrepresenting their roles in a confrontation with an inmate.

The state has also asked that if the verdict stands, the award given to Timothy Hallam and Joseph Laramie be drastically reduced. The state said improper evidence was presented to jurors and that the guards’ lawyer, C. Kevin Leonard, made inappropriate remarks in his closing argument.

This case dates to a 2005 assault of a state prison inmate that led to Hallam and Laramie being fired.

The Merrimack County jury found that officers Shawn Stone and Todd Connor “intentionally and improperly interfered” with the employment of Hallam and Laramie. Hallam was awarded $1.3 million. Laramie was awarded $650,000.



One Response to “State wants big NH prison guard lawsuit award overturned”

  1. Tim Hallam Says:

    It is funny how your opinions vary so. I am also a taxpayr in this great State. I have resided here for 28 years and have raised my children and now grandchildren. Screw over the taxpayer? That is bold. The ones that are screwing over the taxpayer are the State employees that can’t follow the rules and the law. They are the ones costing you millions upon millions in penalty funds for abuse, rape, mistreatment and just being stupid. I have no idea why I even care what is thought of me here, because truly I don’t. My attorneys, doctors, family and a couple of friends have been through quite an ordeal since 2005. I only want what is mine. I was promised a 20 year career, it was taken from me, 14 taxpayers being paid a pitence awarded the amount, not me, not my attorneys. It is important to understand that many ofyou speak with much courage from behind a screen, have you ever had that much courage when someone was being murderd, beaten, raped, taunted, stolen from? I have. That was not about the money either, I only wanted to provide for my family and complete what I was promised. Thanks for reading this. Thank a soldier for your right to speak your mind. Respectfully, Tim

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