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Five inmates injured in prison fight

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Police say it is too early to say whether a fight at Hawke’s Bay Prison was gang related.

A 35-year-old inmate is in Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital with head injuries. He is in a stable condition. Four other inmates were injured from the fight, which broke out at around 5pm yesterday. They were treated at the prison.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave de Lange says it appears two groups were involved in the incident.

“As far as we are aware, no weapons were involved. Prison staff handled the initial incident quickly and effectively, locking down the unit to ensure nothing else happened.”

Mr de Lange says a scene examination is being carried out and police will soon interview other inmates.



Escaping inmate falls through ceiling into police office

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ALTON, Texas (AP) — Authorities say an inmate trying to flee a Texas city jail crashed through the ceiling into a police chief’s empty office.

Police say 17-year-old Jesus Albert Suarez Chavez and 22-year-old Roman Orozco Martinez tried to escape through air conditioning ducts of the Alton city jail around 3 a.m. Saturday, but had been spotted by a dispatcher monitoring security video.

One of the inmates fell through the ceiling into the office of Police Chief Baldemar Flores. The second inmate was trying to get into the vent.

Flores said he didn’t know which inmate fell through the ceiling, only that the vents were very small.

Chavez and Martinez are charged with burglary of a vehicle, evading arrest, resisting arrest, assault on a public servant and making a terrorist threat. They are now being held in the Hidalgo County Jail.

A jail official says no attorneys are listed for the pair.

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BOISE – Idaho Department of Correction officials say an inmate awaiting trial in Gooding County has escaped from the county jail – for a third time.

Scott Holmes latest escape from the jail happened at 9:30 p.m. Monday. 

He is a white male, 39, 6-foot-1, weighs 220 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, and has a fair complexion.

Holmes has a history of escaping from the Gooding County Jail. He walked out an unlocked door in Sept. 2007, but was caught a short time later. However, during the booking process, Holmes assaulted a deputy and got free again. He was arrested by Arizona police two months later, following a traffic stop and returned to Idaho.

Gooding County Chief Deputy Jerry Pierce says this time Holmes rigged a door in the jail and then simply walked out.

At night there is one guard on duty, and Pierce says human error is to blame. The escape is still under investigation.

Holmes has previous convictions for burglary, aggravated assault and forgery in Twin Falls and Minidoka counties.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to call police.


No serious injuries reported in disturbance at D.C. jail

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WASHINGTON (AP) – Guards at the city jail in Washington say they had to use pepper spray early today to break up a disturbance that began at dinner last night.

D.C. Corrections Department spokesman Anthony Diallo says there were no major injuries and the jail is not in a lockdown.

It started with a fight at dinner between two inmates. Jail staffers weren’t able to serve the meal until around 9 p.m. And by that time, Diallo says, about 160 inmates complained about the temperature of the food.

He says most of them went back to their cells but about 35 refused. The disturbance ended about six hours later.


NY Court: Small Amount of Marijuana in Prison Not a Felony

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ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  — New York’s top court says small amounts of marijuana in prison do not represent “dangerous contraband” under the law and ordered lower courts to reduce two convictions to misdemeanors with shorter sentences.

According to the Court of Appeals, Kyle Salters’ case involved 9.3 grams of marijuana that his girlfriend tried to bring him at Bare Hill Correctional Facility in 2003. Robert Finley had “three joints” in 2004 at Orleans Correctional Facility. Both were convicted of felonies, with Salters sentenced to two to four years and Finley to three to five years.

The court majority says the test for “dangerous contraband” is its likelihood to be used in a way that causes death, injury, escape or “other major threats” to prison safety or security.


Labour department orders Tasers, batons for guards escorting inmates

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Nova Scotia’s Justice Department has been ordered to arm correctional officers who escort prisoners to medical appointments.

Under the compliance order from the Department of Labour and Workforce Development, the guards are to get Tasers, batons or pepper spray during outside escorts.

The Justice Department has until June 24 to comply.

Justice officials say the order has been posted at provincial jails throughout Nova Scotia.

It’s a victory for the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union, which has been lobbying for the right for its members to carry weapons while escorting inmates to appointments.

Though police and sheriff’s officers have been handling such escorts, NSGEU president Joan Jessome said the union will push to have that job returned to guards by the deadline date.

“There are some guards that already have that training,” she said. “The equipment is already provided in three of the five facilities. They don’t have to train everybody at once, so I think it’s very achievable.”

On April 3, a prisoner escaped from his leg shackles and ran away from his unarmed guard during a visit to a hospital in downtown Halifax. Jermaine Carvery eluded authorities until last weekend, when he was arrested at a motel in Ontario’s Niagara Region.

After his brazen escape, some guards refused to do escorts, saying the job was too dangerous.

The justice minister later handed responsibility for inmate escorts to police and sheriff’s officers, which prompted a complaint from the union that work was unfairly taken away from the guards.


Prisoner commits suicide in jail

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Purnia: An undertrial prisoner committed suicide by hanging himself in Purnia divisional jail in Bihar on Wednesday, official sources said.

Ramvilas Rishidev, aged about 40 years, who was lodged in the prison for the last one year in connection with the murder of his wife, ended his life by hanging himself with a towel from a peg driven in the wall, Jail Superintendent Gopal Krishna Rishidev said.

No suicide note was recovered from him, he said, adding the body was handed over to his relatives after post mortem.

A magisterial inquiry has been ordered, the Superintendent said.