Electric Chair, Prison Artifacts On Display At New Museum

WASHINGTON — An electric chair, J. Edgar Hoover‘s badge and John Dillinger‘s car are on display at a new museum dedicated to crime fighting in America. 

The National Museum of Crime and Punishment, located at 575 7th Street N.W. between E and F streets, opens on May 23. 

The museum is owned and operated by Orlando businessman John Morgan in partnership with John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted

Visitors can see items from Bonnie and Clyde, prison artifacts and clothing, prison art and the FBI‘s Most Wanted list.


The 28,000-square-foot museum also features an Old West shooting gallery, crack the safe game, FBI shooting range, high-speed police chase simulators and fingerprinting. Museum officials said it’s designed to be an interactive experience.


Along the way, the museum explores crime-fighting and crime-solving techniques as well as the consequences of committing a crime.


“Whether you love the history or artifacts, for some, that’s going to be the big thing,” Morgan said. “For others, it’s going to be delving into how a crime is solved, how a crime is worked up.”


The museum will be the new home for America’s Most Wanted. Guests can view live tapings of the show.


General admission is $17.95. Admission for children, seniors, military personnel and former or current law enforcement officers is $14.95.


Admission will be half-price for members of the public and free for current law enforcement officers on opening day.

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