Fence Keeps Lerdo Prisoners From Escaping

Prior To Installation Of Fence, Prisoners Escaped Lerdo Facility

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Prior to installing a security fence over a year ago, it was a common occurrence at the Lerdo Minimum Security Prison for some inmates to escape.

 There have been zero escapes since the fence was installed.

Due to overcrowding at the facility, maximum security prisoners were placed into the minimum security facility

So far, the $250,000 fence is keeping prisoners from getting out.

But now the minimum security side houses inmates who are much more dangerous than the ones it was originally designed for.

And a lot of those inmates took advantage of the decreased security and standard fence.

 Deputies said that the word among inmates in the prison yard is if they try to escape they will get caught, because it’s no standard fence.

 Lt. Kevin Wright of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department said, “The fence has been a great deterrent. It’s kept them inside.”

 Just prior to the new fence, 10 people tried to escape from the jail. While some of those didn’t make it off the grounds before they were caught, most of those escapees have been placed back into custody.

 Sheriff Donny Youngblood said the last inmate who tried to escape got caught in the fence and had to be cut out of it.

source: http://www.turnto23.com/news/16245447/detail.html?rss=bak&psp=news


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