Report: 29 break out of Brazil prison after guards’ contract expires

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil: Twenty-nine inmates broke out of a prison in southeastern Brazil, in an escape that local media blamed on a security breakdown after a contract with guards expired.

Police said Saturday that the prisoners escaped the previous night from the Novo Horizonte lockup near Vitoria, the capital of Espirito Santo state.

The Globo TV network, Brazil’s largest, reported on its Web site that inmates cut wire fences inside the yard and then broke through a wall. Four were recaptured Saturday, Globo said.

A woman who answered the phone at the Espirito Santo state police department confirmed that 29 inmates broke out Friday, but she declined to provide further details or give her name.

The Gazeta newspaper of Vitoria reported that the government outsources prison security and failed to renew a contract that expired Thursday.

At the time of the breakout, the prison’s 238 inmates were guarded by just four local police officers, Gazeta said. More officers were deployed at the prison after the escape



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