Jail Attack Suspect Under Heavy Guard in Court

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Fifteen JSO corrections officers surrounded jail attack suspect Jonathan Tave as he was led into court this morning to hear new charges against him.
Tave stood beside his attorney, as his lawyer pleaded not guilty to five formal charges.

Tave was answering formal charges filed by prosecutors after police say he held a corrections officer hostage for an hour and repeatedly assaulted her inside the law library of the Duval County Jail last month.

Prosecutor Julie Schlax charged Tave with two counts of aggravated sexual battery, one count of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon (the handmade knife police say he used in the attack), and two counts of depriving an officer of a means of defense or communication (police say during the attack, Tave took away the officer’s pepper spray, radio, and cell phone).

The sexual battery charges both carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Schlax also asked Judge John Merrett to allow investigators to test Tave for HIV. Tave did not fight the motion, and the test is scheduled for today.

The extra officers are in the courtroom because of concerns Tave will act out, a JSO supervisor said.

After the incident at the jail last month, a police report quoted Tave as saying he had “nothing to lose” as he attacked the corrections officer.

Immediately after the incident at the Duval County Jail, Tave was transfered to a cell in Baker County. His lawyer, Michael Bossen, said he has recently been brought back to Jacksonville after an incident in the Baker County Jail.

Bossen said he’s still working on getting details on that incident, and says Tave would like to be transfered back out of Duval County, because of concerns he’ll be treated unfairly in Jacksonville.

Just yesterday, police announced they had connected Tave to another serious crime.

Investigators say they used the DNA in Jonathan Tave’s sweat to link him to the murder of Willie Tomblin inside an Arlington apartment in September 2004.

Police say Tave’s DNA matched DNA on a paper towel found at the murder scene.

Tave used the paper towel to wipe sweat off his face as he worked out a deal to sell a large box speaker to the victim, a police report says.

After Tomblin paid Tave for the speaker, Tave shot Tomblin in the back, the report says.

Tave took off, but left the sweaty paper towel behind, and investigators say DNA taken from it matches DNA taken from Tave’s cheek under a court order last year.

At the time of the attack incident last month, Tave was already being held at the jail on another murder charge.


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