Deputies injured after struggle with mentally ill inmate

NEWPORT NEWS — Officials say an altercation with a mentally ill inmate at the Newport News City Jail sent two deputies to the hospital.

Video: Deputies injured moving inmate

Around 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, Newport News Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kathleen Carey says the inmate, Darrell Ray West, Jr. began throwing urine soaked toilet paper and food at everyone who walked by his cell. When he refused to stop, the decision was made to move him to another floor.

Several deputies were on-hand as the 22-year-old inmate’s cell door opened. As soon as the door opened, Carey says West became combative, injuring two deputies.

Charges related to the incident are pending.

West has been in jail since April 20th when he was arrested on an assault charge.

Cpl, Brian Dodge, a 16 year veteran of the office, is hospitalized after surgery on shattered bones in his face.  Officials say he was punched in the left side of his face.

Deputy Michael Barr was treated for minor injuries and released Tuesday night.



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